The Ultimate Documentary and Photojournalist Camera: The Leica Q

News, Photography / Friday, June 12th, 2015



Leica may have hit a home run with this one: it’s the Leica Q and it’s everything we’ve been looking for in a documentary/phototojournalism camera. Or at least everything I’ve been looking for.

Best EVF of any camera (3.68 MP), 28mm Summilix f/1.7 lens, touch screen, Wifi and NFC–all this in a magnesium and aluminum body with a full frame 24 MP CMOS sensor. Well, damn.

And even though it comes at a typically higher-than-high, Leica price point, for $4,250 considering that you get a more than capable camera paired with a lens whose 35mm and 50mm equivalents are just as expensive by themselves, it’s something of a bargain.

Me Leica. Me Leica a lot.

Since I try to reduce my camera inventory to those tools that I really enjoy shooting with most, the most likely candidates for dismissal as I figure out how to justify this purchase are my Fuji XT1 with 23mm f/1.4 lens and my Ricoh GRs. The GRs will probably stay because nothing beats them for truly pocketable power but the Fuji is at significant risk of being sold. Hell, the Leica might make me also sell the X100T kit that I’ve grown to love and then it would just be me, the Q with my Olympus system and maybe the GRs. The XT1 satisfied my need for a larger sensor camera than the micro-four thirds format with retro controls that help to focus my photography. The Q does all that without a competing interchangeable lens system. It’s a surprise shot at Fuji diehards from a prestige brand that isn’t really known for cutting edge innovation but the Q seems to be all of that. Hmm.

I’ll stop right here and end this post as I’m getting a severe case of Gear Acquisition Syndrome (G.A.S.) that’s best resolved by getting out and shooting. I think I’ll grab the XT1 and renew my appreciation for what I currently have before letting this recent case of gear lust completely overtake me.

This might actually be the Leica for the rest of us. At least the rest of us who are willing to shell out a little over $4K rather than the $10K+ that is typical of the M series.


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