Monthly Archive:: September 2015

Mint TL-70: Still Waiting

Understandable manufacturing delays and final quality control inspections are the only thing between me and the finest instant film picture device known to man. I’m trying to be patient and anxiously awaiting notification of a shipment.


I really do love my phone. It is the all-in-one, do everything, personal assistant, digital communicator that I marvel at with the same sense of wonder that I did when I purchased my PalmOne Treo 600 so many years ago. But, my how things have changed. Where the Treo was a combination of a

The $1,000 Apple Cart: Watch, Phone, Tablet, TV

For around $1,000 you can have your choice of an iPhone 6S Plus, Apple Watch, MacBook, or iPad Pro. What’s a geek to do? I already have an iPhone 6 Plus and unless it breaks, I don’t see a need for the new phone. The Apple Watch still leaves me unimpressed–it’s a great bit

GX8 vs X100T: My Mistake and My Plea

This is a quick on-the-couch comparison of a GX8 (that I ordered by mistake) with my X100T. I added the GX8 to my Amazon basket while considering buying it and inadvertently placed an order. It promptly arrived on my doorstep this morning. As much as I love micro four thirds cameras, and as much as

Creative Toolkit(itus)

I received an email from one of my favorite camera gear companies, ONA (, about a contest to win a $6,000 prize package sponsored by them and format magazine. All it requires for entry is that you lay out your creative toolkit and snap a photo from above with a post to Instagram with