GX8 vs X100T: My Mistake and My Plea

News, Photography / Saturday, September 5th, 2015

This is a quick on-the-couch comparison of a GX8 (that I ordered by mistake) with my X100T. I added the GX8 to my Amazon basket while considering buying it and inadvertently placed an order. It promptly arrived on my doorstep this morning. As much as I love micro four thirds cameras, and as much as I would be delighted to have a range finder style camera that improves on the GX7, this ain’t the one for me. It’s too freakin big. And it’s not Olympus. Please give me an Olympus Pen with an EVF and this technology and watch my money move. Here are a few shots that I took before I pack it up and send it back. If it were a bit smaller in every way instead of slightly bigger than the X100T, I would have to contend with one more camera in my bag.image image image

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