The $1,000 Apple Cart: Watch, Phone, Tablet, TV

News, Portable Computing / Thursday, September 10th, 2015

MacbookFor around $1,000 you can have your choice of an iPhone 6S Plus, Apple Watch, MacBook, or iPad Pro. What’s a geek to do?

I already have an iPhone 6 Plus and unless it breaks, I don’t see a need for the new phone. The Apple Watch still leaves me unimpressed–it’s a great bit of tech but I’m old fashioned and would rather put that money toward a classic timepiece that won’t become obsolete next year. I’ve got the new MacBook–I can check that one off and it’s a solid companion to my iPhone. I was excited to see today’s news but I’m really struggling with the iPad Pro.

I got the MacBook because I needed something more powerful and more productive than my iPad but equally slim and light. The iPad Pro provides some of what I was looking for and may be even better than the Galaxy Note Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro that I’ve had and have since sold; I think having a stylus on a multi-tasking tablet is fantastic for note-taking and data management for tech-savvy professionals and students. The Surface Pro was almost perfect but battery life and the Microsoft OS were a challenge. If the iPad Pro had OS X, it might be truly the machine of my dreams. Knowing me, I’ll probably give it a try, attempt to reconcile having both a laptop and a tablet, and then wind up getting rid of one or the other until the next new thing comes along.

The life of an Apple addict. Sad, but so much fun.

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