Bluetooth Photographer Stocking Stuffers

Polaroid Zip HISY Remote

Many of you have a photographer in your life and you’re probably wondering what you could possibly get them as gifts for the holidays. Well, here are two things that are guaranteed to be hits under the tree on Christmas morning.

First is the Polaroid Zip printer. It sells for $130 and the paper can be found for .50 per sheet for 20 sheets or as little as .30 per sheet if you shop around. It’s a pocket wonder that allows you to send pictures wirelessly from your camera to your phone and then to the printer or directly from your phone to the printer if you don’t have or want to use a standalone camera. Fully developed, business card pictures print in about a minute and each print has a detachable backing that allows the picture to be used as a sticker for even more fun. It’s rechargeable via most micro-USB charging sources and is sure to  add some old fashioned nostalgia to your photography and provide little tangible delights that will keep the smiles flowing well beyond the holiday rum and egg nog.

Next is the HISY Bluetooth camera remote for your smartphone camera. It’s so simple and easy to use that you’ll want to carry it everywhere but so small an unobtrusive that you’ll be afraid of losing it. Turn on the remote, connect it to your phone via Bluetooth, open your camera app, and you’re ready to go with no additional software or applications required. If your camera app is open, when you press the remote button you either take a picture or start/stop a video depending on which function is selected for your camera. There is little to no lag and the remote can be triggered over a fairly sizeable distance. This little gadget is ideal for selfies or ensuring that you make it into family shots but the real genius in using it comes from being able to shoot discreetly while not having to be near the camera or carrying the phone and capturing a shot from the hip or chest without fighting the ergonomics of using the phone to awkwardly frame the shot and push the shutter button.

Both devices have found a place in my daily carry bag along with one of my small mirror less cameras. Sometimes, I just take my phone and these two devices and I’ve got all I need for a portable studio. Consider either or both for the photog in your life and be ready to be a Hero Santa come Christmas Day.


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