My Instant Obsession: The Polaroid SX70


My wife purchased what has become my most treasured Christmas gift, a Polaroid SX70 SE. It’s black with a black leather covering, a unique blue shutter button and all kinds of retro cool. I’ve invested in several packs of Impossible Project SX70 film and spent my holiday shooting instant film with it and my NPC 195 and Mint TL70.

Since getting the SX70, I’ve also managed to pick up an original Polaroid case, an original neck strap, a Mint lens kit and a Mint flash bar. I’ve got ten packs of film in my mini fridge (with more on the way) and I’m learning how to adjust my exposure and shield the film to get the best possible prints. I’m thinking about getting another one (or two cameras) so that I have one loaded with color film and another with black and white or just to use as a spare in the event I have any mechanical or functional issues.


The film is expensive at $3 a shot but you can’t escape the feeling of wonder and nostalgia that you get as each print develops. The Impossible Project has done an excellent job of recreating an equivalent of the Polaroid film from scratch and the colors and artistry of the film improve with each genervation. My SX70 has become a staple in my photographic expression in just a little over a week. I’m excited about the revival and renewed interest in instant analog photography and I truly hope that it continues to grow.

There are several Flickr groups and Facebook sites dedicated to instant photography and I’ve also started a group on Facebook called The Instant Photography Collective (TIPC) with a page that I use to promote the group. If you’re a fan of instant photography cameras and/or film, please join the group and share your addiction and any resources you’ve found helpful.

Long live instant film.

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