Impossible 2: the I-1 camera

News, Photography / Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

Impossible I-1

The heroes at Impossible Project who literally re-invented an equivalent to Polaroid integral film which has given new life to analog photography are hoping to cash in on the camera equipment market with the release of their own instant camera, the I-1. So far, all I can say is I think I-want-1.

An interesting mix of simple, retro analog design (which appears to incorporate the same base as their Instant Lab), the I-1 also features modern electronics to include an internal,rechargeable battery to power the incorporated ring flash and Bluetooth connected manual controls from your mobile device. The viewfinder seems pretty basic but there will be additional accessories to allow for further improvement and customization of the camera. Some of the first featured phoots look pretty impressive and I’m looking forward to reviews once the camera becomes available in early May.

I love my SX70s but since MiNT introduced the TL70, I’ve been hopeful for a new age camera that provides similar creative control in more of the Impossible/Polaroid format. There is the option of using Instax wide film and the new cameras that sup port that format but I find them ugly and I’m suspicious of Fujifilm’s long term intentions in this market. Silly maybe, given that Impossible Project isn’t nearly as well capitalized and has to sell their film at a premium to maintain development–their longer term future is even less certain–but I love the nostalgia and I’m a diehard fan.

I hope the camera performs well and sells well. This would be one more step toward ensuring that integral film sticks around for the long term and would provide Impossible Project with another revenue stream.

Read more at this article from The Verge.


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