I Finally Got an Apple Watch and It’s Ok.

Apple Watch Movado

I bought an Apple Watch a year after they were released and I’m satisfied with my purchase. My hesitation in buying an Apple Watch was a concern that it was overpriced and didn’t offer much to justify the different price points. This was based on logic that the base Apple Watch Sport sells for $299 and the only difference in prices that range from $299 to $349 for Watch Sport; $599 to $1,099 for Watch; and $10,000 to $17,000 for Watch Edition. is the materials and band that make up the watch—functionality is the same whether you spend $299 or $17,000 and this was a big problem for me.

After a year of considering it and finally accepting the fact that the Apple Watch is a tech product that is primarily a fashion accessory, it got easier see how the watch makes sense. In the same way I wear a Movado Museum Classic that retails for $795 and does nothing more than tell me the time in a classic stainless steel design, why would it be so difficult to purchase an Apple Watch that tells me the time in addition to providing weather, updates, activity tracking, email and social networking notifications, turn-by-turn directions, access to voice mail, text messaging, phone calling and receiving, Apple Pay and Wallet payment capability, alarms, stopwatch, calendar, news, music, Siri and many other applications from the convenience of my wrist in a classic stainless steel design? It is a watch for a geek with swag.

Granted, for many of those functions, I need to have my phone nearby or within range of the watch but how would that be much different than when I wear my Movado and have my phone somewhere in the vicinity anyway? I could use my phone to tell the time and not wear a watch at all, but I like wearing a watch. I really like wearing a watch that fulfills its primary function of telling me the time while also doing so much more.

So, is it worth spending more than $299 for this new bit of electronic gadgetry? That’s where personal choice and style enter the equation. Some would say that Apple has no business being in the style or fashion industry but the bottom line is that Apple has been a tech company that has set standards for style trends for a long, long time. Think iMac, iPod (with those ubiquitous white ear buds)and life ever since Steve Jobs returned to Apple and reinvented consumer electronics and computing with style as Apple’s distinguishing characteristic. People buy Apple products for what they can do and maybe more importantly, for how they look. People buy prestige brands for what they represent and embody in terms of style. The Apple Watch gives you style and functionality while you determine how much style you want based on how you choose to accessorize your watch.

Will the Apple Watch become outdated or obsolete at some point as the technology and hardware continue to evolve? Probably, but this isn’t a family heirloom in the same way that one might purchase a Rolex, Breitling or Omega (Watch Edition notwithstanding—but that’s just for people that just have money to burn and who really don’t care about the economics of advancing technology), this about your comfort level in buying a product that you enjoy using and that meets your personal standard of style for whatever timeframe you intend to wear it. I have confidence that even as the Apple Watch evolves and improves, those of us who bought the first edition will find it suits our needs fine for the next several years in the same way that folks who bought the first generation iPod in 2001 are still using it with Apple faithfully supporting it via the current iTunes software 15 years later.

So, a year after release and deciding to make a significantly more expensive purchase beyond the base model, I can say that I’m satisfied—even happy— with my purchase. It is after all, just a watch, but it looks good, tells the time and offers some additional features that promise to get only better over time. It’s a nice alternative to my assortment of analog timepieces and I’m curious to see how these watches evolve.

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