Monthly Archive:: May 2016

The Polaroid SX-70: My Favorite Instant Camera

Of all the instant cameras I’ve owned or purchased, none have served me better than the SX-70, the integral film camera that became an instant icon and sounded the clarion call for a new format of photography encompassing a wide range of styles from everyday to artistic. The look, the mechanics, the optics, and

A First Weekend Review of the Impossible I-1

I ordered my I-1 on May 9, 2016 and received it on May 13, 2016. the packaging was phenomenal and some have debated whether the fancy packaging further affirms their position that the price point for the camera is just too high at $300. It is an expensive camera for technology that has been

The Instant Iceman: Polaroid Photographer Extraordinairre

Or at least in my own mind. But after acquiring thirteen instant cameras and shooting fairly regularly, I might be a bit of an expert on this thing called instant photography. I have two pack film cameras: a Polaroid Land Camera 250 and an NPC 195. I have five Polaroid Sx-70 cameras: one refurbished camera by