The Polaroid SX-70: My Favorite Instant Camera

News, Photography / Sunday, May 22nd, 2016

Of all the instant cameras I’ve owned or purchased, none have served me better than the SX-70, the integral film camera that became an instant icon and sounded the clarion call for a new format of photography encompassing a wide range of styles from everyday to artistic. The look, the mechanics, the optics, and the performance of this camera continues to turn heads and it still provides photographic inspiration for over 44 years since its introduction. It’s easy to carry, easy to use and the SLR focusing, minimal focusing distance and variable aperture and shutter speeds make for some fantastic creative images.

I’m a supporter of many of the new instant cameras that have been released by Fuji, Mint Camera and Impossible Project but I find my old and reconditioned SX70’s, SLR 670a, and SX70 Sonar to be consistent favorites for my style of instant photography and the images that I really enjoy capturing.

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