On My Way to 1,000 Polaroids in 2016

News, Photography / Sunday, August 21st, 2016

Polaroid Olympus Mint

I’ve taken over 720 Polaroid pictures since the beginning of the year with about a 33% success rate on photos that I’ve been happy to share in my #iceman365 #polaroidaday project. Another 33% are probably ok but a bit blurry or the exposure wasn’t what I wanted. The last third are mistakes, unintended button presses, bad film, or the results of not paying attention to light and camera settings. I’ve learned that it takes some discipline and commitment to keep a daily project going. Some times, I’ve had to work ahead and on a few occasions, it’s required some catch up. Overall, consistency has been key and its become easier over time. It’s time to take that same consistency and discipline to another level. We’ll see what happens.

Since my wife bought me my first integral film Polaroid camera in December of 2015, I’ve owned another nine cameras of every different type while learning about the pros and cons of each. From the iconic SX-70 to the sonar focusing 600s and Spectras to the top of the line SLR690 and Mint SLR670a to the brand new Impossible I-1, I’ve had the good fortune to play with them all. I’m now beginning to reduce my collection to those that I find most predictable and that I enjoy using most while ensuring the highest keeper rate. I’ll likely keep two SX-70s, one 600, one Spectra, and both the SLR 690 and 670a. The jury is still out on the Impossible I-1–I’m just not a fan yet and the battery life is my biggest disappointment. Impossible Film has been great to use and I’ve certainly been a big supporter given the investment I’ve made over the last few months to complete my project.

Here’s to continued shooting and the enduring phenomenon that is film.


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