My Instant Photography Traveling Studio: Fuji X70 and SP-2

News, Photography / Thursday, September 15th, 2016

Fuji SP-2 X70

With the firmware update for the Fuji Instax SP-2 printer allowing direct printing from the Fuji X70 digital camera to the printer, these brand mates have become my instant photography traveling studio because they are the perfect partners in crime.

The X70 is small and stealthy while offering photo quality equivalent to and surpassing some of the best larger cameras currently available in the awesome APS-C format. The camera is quiet with both a leaf and electronic shutter and performs well in all available light given good ISO performance and fast shutter options. The tactile feel of an aperture ring, exposure control, and shutter dial ensure that you know exactly how the camera is set and allow you to focus on your photography for the art that it truly is. The touch control screen, wifi, flash, tripod mount and hotshoe are added bonuses.

Use built-in wifi to pair the X70 with an Instax SP-2 and you can print photos on the spot without the need for any additional equipment–you don’t need your phone or a hotspot to be a stand alone instant photo booth. The SP-2 is smaller, sleeker and faster than the original SP-1 and produces photos with greater resolution. It’s also rechargeable via USB (as is the X70) so you don’t have to worry about not having batteries when out and about and missing an opportunity to share photos.

These two are my new Bonnie and Clyde of travel photography and I’ll spend the weekend in Vegas putting them through some fantastic shooting and sharing.

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