A Hard Head Makes for Soft Pictures

News, Photography / Sunday, November 20th, 2016


As I have continued my Polaroid-a-day project for the last 325 days with a success rate 30 to 50% (meaning out of every three to four pictures I take, I might get one or two that I really like with the others being way too soft or under/over exposed) the thing that has led to consistently better pictures with my Polaroid or Mint cameras has been the use of a tripod.

It’s become so obvious that I’m considering buying a new MeFOTO Roadtrip Air travel model that is even lighter and easier to open and close than the current models so that I can increase my use of this foundational tool. It won’t be necessary for shots outside in bright light or in brightly lit rooms but I find that most of my shots are in dim light or in cloudy, dark or otherwise low light environments where the tripod would have saved me wasting one or two shots before deciding to use it and then nailing the third exposure.

Time to stop wasting film and wasting money and invest the time in getting nice, sharp shots on the first attempt. If you haven’t been keeping up with the Iceman365 project, you can check me out on Instagram at @icemanbaldy.

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