The Best Feature of Apple’s AirPods: Portability

Fashion, Music, News, Portable Computing, Travel / Thursday, April 13th, 2017

Having had a pair of AirPods for a week now, I have to say that they are comfortable to wear, easy to pair with my devices, somewhat stylish (though not having a cord at all takes some getting used to) and they do attract some attention being so new, and always charged due to the carrying case that also doubles as a battery charger. I haven’t taken them on an extended trip so most of my experience wearing them has been intermittent throughout the day. I’ve used them on a few phone calls and they did a great job isolating my voice over other noise and providing me with a clear and crisp listening experience. The videos and music I’ve listened to have had well balanced sound with bass and treble being better than what I’ve heard on the corded ear buds. But none of these features make the AirPods worth the $160 that I paid for them.

The best feature of the AirPods is their portability and for that, they can have my money.

I can’t recall the times that I’ve traveled or gone to a coffee shop or book store and forgotten to bring a set of headphones or ear buds. I own multiple over the ear headphones, wireless headphones, wireless ear buds and several sets of corded ear buds that I’ve purchased because I forgot to bring a set of headphones or ear buds that I already own. Most of the times this has happened on impromptu occasions where I was just relaxing and wanted to listen to something without the rest of the world joining in. Many of us take a headset with us when we are traveling or have some intention of listening to music or videos but how many times have you found yourself social networking while out and about and wanting to hear a video or a news snippet and trying to turn your volume up but not too loud or holding the phone speaker up to your ear to ‘discreetly’ listen while looking all kinds of ridiculous. And then there are the phone calls that you want to take in environments that are too noisy for you to hear or be heard or where you just want to listen to a conference call in a public place. No headphones, no luck.

The AirPods in their little dental floss case are immensely portable in a way that I’ve never been able to carry headphones before. I can slip them into the coin pocket of my jeans or slacks and almost forget that they are there. No bulky case, no wires all over the place. They are always charged, ready to pair and at the ready whenever and wherever I am. They are quickly becoming secondary to my phone in terms of tech that is most often with me. I’ve even stopped carrying what little change I used to carry in my coin pocket to make that space a scratch-less home for the AirPods.

They’re a little quirky looking just like the initial ear buds were quirky looking but I think Apple got it right on the execution of truly wireless listening solution that is perfectly portable for just about every occasion.

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