My DJI Mavic Pro Drone Fleet

News, Photography / Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

I crashed one, got another and the the first one has been replaced (thanks to DJI Refresh insurance) and now there are two. Not a bad problem to have but two drones?

I guess I should take some comfort in knowing that I’ve learned a lot from my first crash. I’ve continued to learn since having crashed the second during an active track session where I failed to watch it continuously with no more than a few scratches and replaced blades and now I have a backup drone with full replacement coverage for two incidents and a remaining replacement available for the first drone.

But am I flying these things enough to justify any of the initial expense and additional insurance? The funny thing is I’m not sure that’s relevant for any of us who purchase drones to broaden our photographic options and creative perspective–we buy drones and fly them because we can. I’ve just doubled down on the fun.

I’ve struggled with whether I should add a DJI Spark to the mix; it gets up to fly faster and is arguably more portable but I don’t need three drones and I’m content with the greater flying time, range and resolution that comes with the Mavics in what is still industry-leading portability for the enhanced feature set.

Besides, when the Mavic Pro II is released, that will be the appropriate time to struggle with how to change or grow the mix–notwithstanding my current thoughts about getting a Phantom 4 Pro. Decisions, decisions.

For now, Ice Mavic Alpha and Ice Mavic Prime own the skies–both domestic and international.

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