The Social Media Dilemma: To Be Me or Not to Be Me

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Earlier today, while checking Facebook and Google+ for updates, monitoring my Twitter feed and looking over YouTube subscription activity, I was struck by how infrequently I update my blog. The Social Media Dilemma is balancing how much I depend on secondary platforms and services to monitor and manage my social connections while relying on primary […]

November 9, 2013

One of my favorite new blogs: Pushing Social

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Pushing Social started as a protest vote against the “pie-in-the-sky” social media paparazzi.  I felt that the people pumping the mantra just didn’t understand the business behind marketing. via I found pushing social while doing a twitter search on tweets posted by a great blogger and entrepreneur that I follow, ChrisG. Pushing Social is […]

July 5, 2010

Three Simple and Powerful Ways to Use Facebook to Grow a Following

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Image via Wikipedia How many of you are not on Facebook? Consider the following statistics from the Facebook Stats page: Company Figures: More than 400 million active users 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day More than 35 million users update their status each day More than 60 million […]

February 13, 2010

How to Create an Online Media Conglomerate

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Once you've discovered your passion for online media through a niche where you have expertise and significant reach, how can you grow even bigger and nurture a community of people who share your interests? Although there is no perfect path to fame and recognition (hopefully some measure of fortune will follow), I've grown a humble […]

December 29, 2009

Eliminate Spam — Spend Time Taking Care of Your Site

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Some people wonder how the Black Internet Marketing Forum continues to grow so quickly with so little spam given all the automated ways that people try to join your social network for the sole purpose of frivolous marketing. I can tell you that I've had my share of spam on my forum in the past […]

October 28, 2009

Google Analytics Update: Let the Good Times Roll

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You may recall my earlier post about installing Google Analytics. The good news is that in less than a month, I've managed to attract 93 visitors to the weblog. As you'll see in the graph below, 33% of those visitors are the result of direct traffic, 42% from referring sites, and 25% from search engines. […]

September 30, 2009

Iceman Baldy’s Organizational Design: Part Two of A Three Part Review

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In Part One, I covered my primary interests along six priorities. In Part Two, I'll review secondary and support initiatives that assist me in promoting Iceman Baldy sites and services which include: Squidoo lenses Twitter accounts for Iceman Baldy and BlackWebpreneur A Facebook profile and Fan page A LinkedIn profile Ning network marketing Part 2 […]

September 24, 2009

Five Phenomenal Forces for Social Networking Good

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As I've built my social presence across the internet over the last several year, there are five applications that I use with great frequency–some every day, others weekly and none no less than once a month. They are the foundational super heroes of my internet empire and the basis for the ubiquitous Iceman Baldy brand. […]

September 9, 2009