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OneWheel Plus + with GoPro Hero 6 Black Stabilization

My Sunday morning Starbucks run on the OneWheel Plus with my new GoPro Hero 6 Black camera. The video stabilization is amazing and I was impressed with how well it handled without the need for my Karma Grip.

The Best Feature of Apple’s AirPods: Portability

Having had a pair of AirPods for a week now, I have to say that they are comfortable to wear, easy to pair with my devices, somewhat stylish (though not having a cord at all takes some getting used to) and they do attract some attention being so new, and always charged due to

My Fuji X100T and the NYC Easter Parade

Today we went into the city and attended church with a friend. After church, we were literally steps away from and immediately in the midst of all the pageantry and costumes that are the New York City Easter Parade in Midtown on Fifth Avenue. What started in the 1800’s as a parade of the New York

A Black Entrepreneur’s Home Away from Home

Black Enterprise has assembled a list of ten of the best Black-owned Bed and Breakfast establishments from across the country. If you haven’t stayed at a bed and breakfast before, you’re missing out on one of life’s luxuries. For about the same price as a stay in a nice hotel, a bed and breakfast