Is Blogging Dying?


How many people are actively maintaining blogs that are separate from their social network interaction? I’m pretty active on Facebook and have taken to Google+ as a way to connect with photographers and stay on top of recent developments in photo technology but I find that I have to work pretty hard to give my […]

February 5, 2014

Making Your Blog Sticky Icky Icky with Wibiya

Marketing, Sites to Watch, Web/Tech, Weblogs

via I requested beta access to the Wibiya site to install their toolbar a day or two ago and received notification and installation rights today. It took me less than 10 minutes to install the toolbar on my blog with connections to my Twitter page, my Facebook Fanpage and my weblog community. I've watched […]

December 13, 2009

When It Doesn’t Pay to Be Popular: Internet Hijacking Idiots


Everybody talks about traffic and the importance of working toward maximizing the amount of visibility your site receives. The goal is to turn traffic into conversions where people who stop by for a visit actually take action whether it’s joining your list or making a purchase. Unfortunately, the more popular your site becomes, the more […]

July 7, 2008

How Well Does WriteToMyBlog Work?


Well, let’s see. In my ongoing quest for remote applications, whether stand-alone, device-installed apps or web apps like WriteToMyBlog , I’ve not quite been ready to crown any one application King of MoBlogging although Typepad Mobile comes close. My only reservation with Typepad Mobile is that it does not seem so always work with my […]

April 11, 2008