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OneWheel Plus + with GoPro Hero 6 Black Stabilization

My Sunday morning Starbucks run on the OneWheel Plus with my new GoPro Hero 6 Black camera. The video stabilization is amazing and I was impressed with how well it handled without the need for my Karma Grip.

Living the Connected Life with an Amazon Echo

I was one of the early adopters of the Amazon Echo. We fondly call her Alexa. I’ve had it for a few months now and it’s an interesting personal assistant appliance. It’s always plugged in, always on, and always listening (which admit was initially a bit disconcerting, but we’ve gotten over that). If I

Is the New MacBook Worth the Money?

MKBHD offers some initial impressions of the new MacBook and it is a sexy machine. I’m not convinced that it’s worth spending the money for what is essentially a good looking internet appliance but I may change my opinion once I’m able to spend some time with an actual device. It really seems like

Fifty Three Pencil vs Wacom Bamboo Stylus Fineline

This is a quick review based on my user experience with both of these styli using my iPad Air. I bought the Fifty Three Pencil first and was attracted to its simple carpenter pencil design and innovative technology. The Pencil can be used as a traditional stylus via its capacitive tip or it can connect to

Apple, Martian or Pebble? In Search of the Smartest Smartwatch

I got caught up in the Apple Watch hype of a few weeks ago and given that the watches won’t be available until sometime next year, I decided to shop around and take a look at the current offerings to see if there’s something to tide me over until the lines begin to form

Surface Pro 3 versus Apple: Hell Just Froze Over

Make no mistake: I am a die hard Apple fan. I love their innovation, design, user interface, and the overall cool factor of shopping, owning, using, and proudly sharing my love for all things Apple. You won’t catch me using anything that Microsoft makes until hell freezes over. So, I must be sitting in

Galaxy Note Pro vs iPad Air: Titans Go!

I love Apple and I love Samsung. So since the Galaxy Note Pro is available at Best Buy, am I considering buying one? Yes and no. It’s not cheap at $750 and I could get some solid camera glass for that money. I’m also not that convinced that the specs are much better than

The iPad Air versus All Other iPads Ever

A quick and dirty comparison of performance–not real scientific but based on what most of what us would expect to experience as practical use. The iPad Air is the Heir Apparent.

Ricoh GR (D IV): Small is Good

This will absolutely be added to my photographic toolkit. I have to admit that I have not been keeping up with Ricoh and their excellent GRD cameras. This new GR takes the compact game to a whole new level and my street photography is about to take off.

KPCB Internet Trends 2011

KPCB Internet Trends (2011)